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Who We Are

Rugged Compass TV delivers free video content featuring the inspiring impact of dedicated humanitarians worldwide. Hope meets determination as we travel to some of the most remote corners of the globe, witnessing some of the most sincere acts of service on the planet.

A one-of-kind streaming platform, Rugged Compass TV brings meaning to entertainment as it blends adventure and purpose. It inspires and encourages, providing a television viewing experience unlike any other.

Join in the journey. Travel with us to far-off places. And discover the remarkable difference being made by those who serve others under difficult circumstances.

Get Rugged Compass TV, and join us as we go beyond status quo into life’s greatest adventure.



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What We Do


Rugged Compass, the mobile app and community, is a thriving social platform dedicated to showcasing the incredible efforts of international humanitarians. Available for both Apple and Android users.


Rugged Compass TV is our streaming video platform, offering captivating documentaries and heartwarming video content featuring the work of humanitarian groups worldwide. Available to install for free on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Google TV.


Rugged Compass Entertainment produces thought-provoking films, television series, and engaging podcasts that share real-life stories of great bravery and tremendous hope, featuring the work of inspiring humanitarian groups worldwide.


The Rugged Compass Store offers a thoughtfully curated selection of adventure gear, apparel, and accessories where a portion of each purchase supports humanitarian work.


The Rugged Compass Experience offers meaningful travel experiences that allow groups and individuals to connect with cultures and communities while actively supporting international humanitarian groups.


Our nonprofit sister-organization, the Rugged Compass Foundation, provides international humanitarian support to people in need. We do so by partnering with inspiring organizations that work in remote parts of the world, providing life-changing care to those who have been marginalized, underserved, and overlooked.

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